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What Is Keylogger?

Keylogger is a software or hardware that can intercept and record all manipulations with a keyboard. It is often situated between the operational system and keyboard. Thus it  intercepts all user’s actions.

Types of keyloggers

There are two basic types of keyloggers. The first type is software ones. They take complete control over PC users’s activities. Keystroke programs of this type perform such functions as recording information about negotiables in a specialized log, intercept information from the operational system, mouse clicks and clipboard, records all received and sent e-mail.

The next type of Keylogger is hardware keystroke. They are tiny devices that directly connect to the computer and record absolutely all keystrokes.

Key loggers’ advantages

You might think that you don’t need and will never need a keystroke recorder. But this is only a first impression, and it is usually wrong. Having got acquainted with all keylogger’s features, you’ll probably change your mind. Did you know that a Keylogger can be used almost in all spheres of life.

For example, a key logger is a really good assistant in personnel management. Thanks to it, you can control what your subordinates do in their workplace, to distribute the load and prevent attempts of industrial espionage and trade secrets’ transfers to competitors or other third parties. It is also worth noting that it does not hurt employee’s personal space or privacy.

The following example is a family. Then a key logger can be used in two areas: in the education of children and relationships between spouses. The current generation of children spends a huge part of life on the Internet. It is very important not to miss children in educational process, so parents should supervise teenagers to avoid their trapping in any bad situation. Parents should be assured that their children are fine. So there is nothing wrong if parents once again see child’s browser history.

Also keystroke recorders provide security from hacking. You will be able to monitor what was happening with your computer during your absence. Having access to information stored on the hard disk you can easily restore the information if login or password is lost, and also recover it.

However, keep in mind, that such programs or devices can be used by fraudsters to hack credit cards or other confidential information.

Therefore keyloggers may be either friend or enemy.


Today the market offers a huge variety of keystroke soft. In most cases they have similar basic functionality, that is, intercept keystrokes, monitoring clipboard, record visited web page, start and close programs, and also keep a record of screen shots. Such apps provide full multi-user support — this means that you can monitor one or several users. And recorded during their monitoring information is stored in log files and later it can be viewed directly in applications, or converted into a report (often in HTML format), which, as a rule, can be sent to specified email, via FTP, and sometimes on LAN.

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