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What Is The Spyware

Spyware is not primarily a bloody weapon of hackers or tool of control of dark intercontinental corporations, but a convenient way of ensuring personal safety, in many cases, necessary for ordinary citizen, especially in circumstances where few people have access to his computer. This is a reasonable solution is to install keylogger software, in the first place, to monitor children who can see sites not intended for them or be subjected to other Internet hazards during parental absence. Employees of large companies too actively using the offices terminals for their own needs, clearly need adequate supervision by disciplined and law-abiding people.

What is the Necessity of Using Remote Keylogger

This is a software or hardware that is designed as keystroke recorder on a computer keyboard. This program monitors all keystrokes on the keyboard and mouse, as well as remembers the date and time of action. The use of remote keylogger allows the owner (security administrator) computer or an automated system to determine all cases where someone tries to type critical words and phrases, the transmission of which to a third party would lead to information security threats. Also, through the use of key loggers you can enter into a computer in the event of loss of username and password, or in the absence of the employee (illness, vacation, etc.). Best remote keylogger enables to define all the cases in which someone tried to guess passwords and to check whether the personal computers were used after business hours. In addition, the use of this software allows you to explore and analyze the computer incidents, determine the accuracy, efficiency and adequacy of staff reactions to external influences and restore information in the event of failures of computer systems

 Two Main Cases of Using Keylogger

Keyloggers can be used in two following ways:

  1. Control of children and loved ones. Keylogger allows conducting hidden control of computer use by your children. You will protect your children from inappropriate content from the Internet (drugs, suicide, gambling, etc.) and from contact with dangerous people;
  2. Control of employees and protection against information leaks. Keylogger can be used to monitor correspondence of employees on company computers and control of working time.

The use of keyloggers and other monitoring software is unethical in most situations. However, children and adolescents living with their parents do not have the right to privacy on the personal computer. Parents, who are concerned about the activities of their children on the Internet, can legally control the computer. The use of keylogger will allow you to get all the necessary information without being detected.

How Does Keylogger Work

Modern program monitors keystrokes, internet activity, visited the URL-addresses, and regularly makes screenshots. The utility runs in the background, that is, the user may be unaware that his actions are being monitored. Free for installation software is designed to control the operation of children with computer. Reports on the results of the day, week or other period of time are sent to the previously specified e-mail address. Only the user who installed it on the computer can get access to keylogger. User-friendly interface makes it easy and quickly to assign all parameters to monitor. Furthermore, it is possible to filter information for faster access to specific data.

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