And Main Functions of Remote Keylogger Software nowadays

Why Should You Use Remote Keylogger

You are responsible parent. You bought a computer to your child, to give him a start in life. Now he can do homework, create a cute video with your cat, send to his aunt a birthday card via email and perhaps – after he had done all his homework, just play any computer game. However, problems may arise.

The teacher says that your child often has problems with his homework.  He obviously spends a lot of time on Facebook. Who are these strangers, with whom he speaks? Why history of search is suspiciously empty? You trust your child, but you are responsible for him – and the remote keylogger program will help you to be a responsible parent.

What Are The Options of Remote Keylogger

Keylogger has the following functions:

  • Receiving e-mail messages about what is happening on your home computer. You can monitor the actions of your child on the computer when you are in the office or on a business trip;
  • You will be able to observe what you child is doing unbeknownst to him. This program does not slow down your computer. Your child will know that you are watching him, but will not know when – it will be always a good incentive to behave appropriately;
  • Tracking of visited web sites. Your kid may be smart enough to delete his search history, if he enters the prohibited websites. Now you can see it in the recording of log files;
  • Writing down emils and chats. You will know if the internet villains or cyber bullies will threaten your child;
  • Recording screenshots and generating reports. Do not have time to check your child’s computer, when you want? Use keylogger to monitor of your kid while you are busy;
  • It also has keystroke recorder so you can easily discover any information you child printing on keyboard.

How To Install Remote Keylogger

In order to install remote keylogger program, you should be the owner or authorized user of a computer as an administrator. This software for monitoring PC can not be installed remotely, without physical access to the computer. It is recommended to create a separate standard user account (without administrator rights) for your children or other users on a Windows system.

The Legality of Using Keylogger

Keystroke logger is perfectly legitimate. If you have administrator rights on your personal computer, you can install any software, including keyloggers. Only you decide if to install a keylogger or not. If you have a computer or a PC owner administrator rights, it is completely legal and not prohibited.

Currently, many employers use keylogger software to control their employees. Sometimes they inform the staff, but more often they don’t do it. However, such control is absolutely legal. In the US, there are constant debates about privacy in the work of due to numerous discontented workers. However, courts generally agree with employers. The manager is the owner of the computers to be controlled, and thus, he has the right to install any application, including hidden. Workers should understand the importance of such measures and realize it in order to feel more comfortable in their workplace.

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