Using Parental Control Keylogger Software is Required Nowadays

Parental control software

Do you pay enough attention to online safety of your children? Do you know what is he doing right now and to whom is he writing? Parents love their kids and trust them. But child is curious, he or she always tries to find something new. He loves exploring unknown things. Of course it is good to know a lot, but sometimes the outside world becomes dangerous. Besides, chatting with some stranger and unknown “friend” may cause problems. Adults must monitor what their offspring browse with the help of the internet and control what is downloaded.

It is a normal thing and many are doing like this. In order to keep your kids away from some harmful Internet data, you need to install a parental control keyboard logger on your computer or laptop. This software can record every keystroke that was made in any application, and make screenshots of the desktop during a given period of time. It will not be noticed by your children as it is hidden and has special functionality. In addition, remote keylogger software can even record password that was typed into browser like Safari, Firefox or into game. You do not need to check children’s daily activities all the time, because data is send to your email or FTP space.

The possibilities of software

Keylogger is a kind of program that checks user’s actions and makes screenshots. The owner of the PC or laptop can fully control all the events that were made by other users. It is very helpful for parents for this program will let them know exactly what their children are doing. It is kind of innovative parental control.

The main features of software:
– Interception of pressing any keys and combinations into some programs, as well as into websites.
– Monitoring all running programs on your computer.
Making screenshots. The program makes snapshots of the desktop during a scheduled period of time. Then this info is stored in a special folder.
– Interception of any data from the clipboard.
– Completely invisible. Access to the program settings, and its reports are available with the help of  secret word and password, which the user can sets when installing and configuring the program.
– Remote screenshots and receiving reports on the mailbox (e-mail), or FTP server.

Control over your family’s desktops

With the help of keylogger, you will be able to receive control over your family’s desktops or laptops. While using it you will find out what was entered and run in your absence. It is essential for all parents to monitor all online data. Solution has a possibility to block an access to websites with bad content.

Perhaps some people don’t like this method of protecting their kids. But modern life requires new decisions. You can not be sure what your son or daughter will see on the screen. Adult content may cause negative impact on a young person. Such programs are just a parental care that protects from bad information.

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